You know, the thing that made you desire to have a   

 Radical Transformation.

In that moment, you realized that you didn’t want your life to be the same any longer.


For me, I have had several, like seeing my mom raise me as a single parent, being the first to graduate with a Bachelors and Masters Degree.


But the one that really taught me a valuable lesson was when my now husband and I took a break during our engagement. The heart break was earth shattering! 


Of course, I could play the blame game and be the victim, but the truth is I need that time to become the woman of my dreams. 


Through my heartbreak, I realized that my life was in my own hands.

I learned to stand completely on my own, with love and support from others and The Most High God, and build the life I always saw in my heart.

Jasmine Thomas, Creator of She's Worthy

I desired to…

  • Be a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Writer

  • Host My Own Motivational TV Show

  • Build, Own and Operate International Schools

  • Explore the World and Make a Significant Difference in it

  • Build Generational Wealth

I was not there just yet though...


That meant I had to make massive shifts in my mindset to become a better person on the inside.

I finally understood that my success was a personal choice.


It was up to me to do more for myself.


I couldn't wait on a job, person, or anything else to give that to me. 

I had the answer within myself...


And before I knew it, I had winded up quitting my job years ahead of schedule becoming a full time entrepreneur helping people around the world!

What happened for me that was different for most people that quit their jobs?


I reprogrammed my mind for SUCCESS and took MASSIVE RELENTLESS ACTION.


I absorbed every bit of information that I knew would make me better on the inside.


I debunked any negative limiting beliefs that would hold me back from becoming the best version of myself.


I let go of anyone who would hold me back from soaring.


Now, I live a life of complete freedom, traveling all over the world speaking life to the people who need to hear the words God placed in my heart.


I get to do exactly what I desire…


But you have the choice to do that too.


So what would happen if you took a leap of faith?


You’ll never know until you try.


Who knows?


Either your parachute will unfold while you are soaring or God will allow you to land safely to start over again on a better path.

The Mindset Queen Youtube Channel


Are you looking for your next Empowerment Speaker at your conference, Brand Ambassador to push your market sales, or someone to interview for your latest media publication or TV platform? 


Jasmine has been speaking to groups around the United States for over seven years. This includes topics about her books on educational research, spirituality, and financial gains. She is an expert in the following areas:


Developing Your Self-Worth to Enhance Your Entire Life.

Training Women in Business and Leadership.

Taking the World by Storm through Your Mindset Transformation.

Creating Multiple Streams of Income to Become a 6 Figure Plus Business Owner.


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